Music and Healing

Music is the language of expression of communication that touches human beings on every level and dimension. Every culture, civilization, country, community integrates music as a form of expression representative of a specific time and space of a society. It develops and cultivates mind, body and spirit. Over the centuries, sound and music have been recognized as a healing instrument for the human being and the environment.

It is said that music facilitates human relations and contributes towards the fitting in of an individual within its immediate surroundings. As stimuli, it enriches the sensory, cognitive and motor processes, as well as fostering creativity and adaptation to change. Different types of music can reproduce different emotional states, which influence the lives of individuals and their behavior.

According to millenary cultures, sound and music, ever since its origin and from the most ancient practices, has been used in healing ceremonies, and rituals. Atlantis, Mur, Ancient Egypt, the aborigines 150,000 years ago and shamanic rituals all through the therapeutic uses in ancient Greece, music, sound and musical instruments have always been a part of the healing repertoire. Practiced still today, these teachings demonstrate benefits on a physical, emotional, energetic, mental, spiritual and cosmic level as a result of the vibration.

According to studies and diagnostics, it has been revealed that music has a effect on our psyche. Using a PET scan it has been detected that a change in neuronal activity affects emotions while music had been played. Numerous scientific investigations and medical studies have proved that tremendous effects of music in the psychology and anatomy of a person. This is used to reduce blood pressure, treat mentally ill patients, depression, down syndrome and more.

Sound and vibration

Sound is an essential part of our lives. Even before birth the human being is surrounded by sound; the cardiac beats of a mother, her breathing, and the first experience with the outside world. We live in a world of sounds. Sounds that can be heard and others which cannot. Harmonic sounds and others which are chaotic. Familiar and strange sounds. Sounds that are unbearable and others that soothing.

Sound is generated as a vibratory movement of particles and objects. Vibrations which produce sounds, represent an energy found in nature, witihin ourselves, in our world, in the regions of the satellites, the stars and the universe. On a cosmic level, sound is a universal force, invisible, capable of creating profound changes on all levels (physical, energetic, emotional, spiritual, mental).

If we take the human body, each cell, molecule, tissue, gland, organ, bone is in constant vibration and when it vibrates in harmony we can compare it with a symphony. The entire body vibrates at a fundamental frequency of about 8 cycles per second, literally entraining and attuning us to the basic electromagnetic field of the earth itself! Created with diverse structures, tempos, all are part of one. As is in life. This state of harmony is not static, it is dynamic and influential by the external, world (emotions sensations, physical health) and the the vibrations of all other things around us.

Every string, percussion, wind instrument has an impact on our physical body, on a certain and specific level. Music is rythm and pulse, related to the rhtym and pulse which mantains us healthy. A healthy soul produces a healthy body. Music elevates spirit which brings us closer to the Divine, to God, the fountain of life.
Sound healing is as ancient as any culture or civilization. The indigenous people use this form of healing still today to balance mind-body-spirit.

It is during this time of transformation where music and sound becomes all important in the human evolution process towards a new consciousness. Sound through vibration is capable of breaking through old structures, beliefs, emotional blocks, and more. The indigenous people have maintained through the ages, their traditional practices and wisdom, which is being shared today in order to open hearts and reestablish harmony.

Sacred sounds and music. Through the use of ritual, the shaman resonates and in a sense unites with the signature vibration of choice. These signature vibrations are known by indigenous peoples throughout the world. Sound reaches the most profound areas of the soul able to unlock past and hidden memories of our genetic codes, allowing for healing to take place within our memory fields.