World music and healing arts festival + ceremony

universal prayer for peace


Xicome is a Song to Our Origins…A Universal Peace Movement of World Music and Healing Arts born in Mexhiko weaving webs, uniting dances, intertwining songs and opening hearts. Music reconnects us with the Divine, with our ancient memory, our origin, and our roots for an expansion in consciousness through this sacred language.

In the beginning there was sound. Vibration, sound and energy are thus all forms of live manifested. This is a voyage into sound recalling our roots, our origins and the power of intention. Mother Earth and Father Cosmos are aligned to guide us through this planetary shift happening at this moment, as we experience an evolution in humanity. A change in consciousness, in the way we relate with ourselves, our environment our surroundings, amongst each other and the Universal Laws of nature. This is the time that a musical evolution, will allow, through the power of music, to align our mind, body and soul as One, in unity. We, as human beings, need to heal spiritually and take care of ourselves and the Planet, uniting in a harmonic convergence, vibrating from the heart.

Xicome is a call to Mexhiko and Humanity as co-creators of the Planetary ascension for a Culture of Peace.

It is an honor for me to share this movement, Xicome, filled with love, gratitude, harmony and blessings. Tlazokamati (thank you in Nahuatl) Tlazokamati to Great Spirit, the Sacred Fire, Father Sun, Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon, sister stars, every musician that has touched my heart, the earth keepers of our sacred land, the guardians of light from All dimensions, every person that has contributed with a musical note and tone in this project, my family and life for making possible this dream.

Xicome is the heartbeat of a new ray of light shining upon Humanity in song and Spirit.

In Lak ́ Ech (I am You, You Are Me in Maya)
For All My Relations
Michelle D. Button Carrillo * Co-Creator and Founder


Xicome came into form from a visionMichelle D. Button Carrillo had to create a Music Festival for Environmental Awareness.

With the years it has transformed into a Planetary Platform as a conscious entertainment experience.

A World Music and Healing Arts Festival offering peace, love, awareness, culture, health, and education in a multicultural and multidisciplinaryplatform.


We are committed to promote peace, art, science, spirituality, awareness, health and wellness , preserve milineary cultures, encourage human development and spiritual growth, and generate research, based on the power of sound and music as a means, in benefit of all sentient beings and groups of society to generate a transformation in the collective and individual consciousness and intelligence to reestablish the

harmony and peace of our Planet and Galaxy.



To serve as a catalyst and a voice for all people looking for a better way of living for ourselves and our future 7 generations, promoting positive change for Peace on our Planet and the Galaxy,


Offer peace, love, awareness, culture, health, healing and education in communities, municipalities, cities, states and countries in a multicultural and multidisciplinary platform.




The culture of peace and non-violence is a commitment to peace-building, mediation, conflict

prevention and resolution, peace education, education for non-violence, tolerance, acceptance, mutual respect, intercultural and interfaith dialogue and reconciliation.