Evolution in Consciousness

The MAYAN, HOPI, LAKOTA, MEXHICA, TOLTECA, INCA, MAPUCHE and other cultures announced these dates as a time of change in humanity.

The process of changes that we are experimenting at all levels in life are due to the grand cosmic cycles. December 21, 2012…The end and the beginning of a 26,000 year cycle represents an alignment of the Earth with the Central Sun, reactivating energetic centers on the Earth and within our DNA.

These external changes have to do with an inner change and the beginning of a new cycle, giving us the opportunity to become in tune with the energy that is now present. The Elders tell us of the need to connect with Mother Earth giving us the message of basically being Conscious of the Planet we live in respecting the forces of Mother Nature, including the elements Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Ether, placing ourselves in harmony with ourselves, our surroundings, our Mother Earth and the Cosmos.