Xicome is a Song to Our Origins…A Universal Peace Movement of World Music and Healing Arts born in Mexhiko weaving webs, uniting dances, intertwining songs and opening hearts. Music reconnects us with the Divine, with our ancient memory, our origin, and our roots for an expansion in consciousness through this sacred language.

In the beginning there was sound. Vibration, sound and energy are thus all forms of live manifested. This is a voyage into sound recalling our roots, our origins and the power of intention. Mother Earth and Father Cosmos are aligned to guide us through this planetary shift happening at this moment, as we experience an evolution in humanity. A change in consciousness, in the way we relate with ourselves, our environment our surroundings, amongst each other and the Universal Laws of nature. This is the time that a musical evolution, will allow, through the power of music, to align our mind, body and soul as One, in unity. We, as human beings, need to heal spiritually and take care of ourselves and the Planet, uniting in a harmonic convergence, vibrating from the heart.


Xicome is a call to Mexhiko and Humanity as co-creators of the Planetary ascension for a Culture of Peace.


It is an honor for me to share this movement, Xicome, filled with love, gratitude, harmony and blessings. Tlazokamati (thank you in Nahuatl) Tlazokamati to Great Spirit, the Sacred Fire, Father Sun, Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon, sister stars, every musician that has touched
my heart, the earth keepers of our sacred land, the guardians of light from All dimensions, every person that has contributed with a musical note and tone in this project, my family and life for making possible this dream.


Xicome is the heartbeat of a new ray of light shining upon Humanity in song and Spirit.


In Lak´ Ech (I am You, You Are Me in Maya)

For All My Relations

Michelle D. Button Carrillo * Co-Creator and Founder




The name derives from náhuatl, the official language of the Aztec empire. Its meaning in náhuatl, although written with “ch”, represents the number seven. It's phonetics when repeated several times gives the name of Mexhiko. (Pronounced she-ko-may).


Seven, in many traditions and cultures world is recognized as
a sacred number. The fundamental number of manifestation, frequently found in the different cosmogonies and observances
of the different ancient peoples. Seven seems to have been the sacred number par excellence among the civilized nations of antiquity.


Pythagoras referred to the number seven as the "vehicle of life, containing the body and soul, since it is composed of a quaternary, or Wisdom and Intellect, and a Trinity, or action and matter.
The three (the trinity of God), and four (human virtues). The union of the divine, 3, more human, 4, symbolizes completeness, perfection, the union of all divine and human.


The name embodies the OM, the primordial sound of the Universe. OM is the first vibration of sound. And sound is the first vibration
of the Absolute. The word is sound and sound is the origin.


Also in its name is OME (oh-may), which is the number two in nahuatl. Representing the two Sacred energies, masculine and feminine, calling the Divine, as one, in Unity.


Seven are the musical scales, the colors of the rainbow, the seven planets, the chakra system, and the seven directions, where
we unite All, in the heart.


Vibration, sound, light, color, and music, all play an important role
in this Universal and Cosmic symphony of a conscious evolution.


Si deseas saber más sobre el nombre de XICOME y su fundamento matemático, descarga este pdf.




Xicome features a line-up of national and international talent interpreting eclectic musical expressions, true to the ancient traditions, oriental and occidental, mixed with distinct fusions and contemporary styles with the objective of transmitting healing vibrations. All musical experiences contain messages creating spaces of peace and inner harmony.

Spaces where the public will able to participate in activities, workshops and seminars, allowing to live experiences regarding health, culture diversity, spirituality and well-being to align mind-body-spirit.



Inviting the Elders from a wide range of ethnic diversities to share their knowledge and messages of Peace with Humanity. Through them we reconnect, recall our ancestral memory, our origin, our roots.

A wave of young rising humanists are sharing their vision and word regarding a new consciousness.