Marcos Jassan

Hatha Yoga is the perfect tool to activate physiological systems . In this practice we focus on the ability to pray with the body, to feel and radiate the light of Prana to expand integrated with the place and people from the essence of our own mat .  It is an honor to participate in Xicome and invite you to enjoy this honor synchronizing our actions and our breathing.





An astrologer with over 35 years of experience, combining intuition with therapeutic practice. His approach to healing the spirit, mind and body is to read through the astrological reading with other modalities such as ( Breathwork breathing , meditation and kundalini yoga) , giving a new dimension to astrology .  Besides personal readings , international conferences and practical workshops . He is the creator of " Pele Report ," a weekly astrological forecast which can be seen on YouTube : Astrology Forecast or on his website:





Guru Devi

Kundalini Yoga





Beleni Kumara Inti Alonso Duarte

I was born in Mexico City Dancer, Choreographer , pioneer in Sacred Dances , Circular , Dances of Peace , Creator researcher movement , Danzarte , TeoDanza, Conscious Cooking. Mística Tantric , Gnosis, EducArte , heal , evolutionary Agriculture and Biological Architecture , weaver of spiral circles . Ecovillage founder Ixixtlan Atlixco, comprehensive sustainable community space IXIXTLAN. Sanctuary of Peace.


A laboratory for the future of humanity . Spirituality community , research and action.  Workshop mental chess and touch the heart. Tool of self-knowledge and conscious healing. A workshop where clay -based will realize the mental map and location of energy that governs your life . Suitable for children and adults.


Talk Esoteric Physics Issues such as the structure of the soul, Damanhurian cosmogony , the temporary array and the divine laws that govern the universe will be addressed.


Marina Barberena


Maria Ornelas

Taller Niños / Ojos de Díos