Soprano, Marisa was born in Mexico in 1966. She sang for the first time at 9 months age. At age 13, she debuted as soloist singing Mozart at the National anf Fine Arts Palace in Mexico City.


At  18 she hit top ranking in the commercial sector with her record “No Soy Igual” in 1986. Offering tours, concerts, television programs, she has recorded 9 records covering opera, jazz, bossa nova, new age and world music. She participated in theatre as the leading star in the opera-rock “Kuman” and in Fiddler on the Roof.  She also starred in Alvarez del Toro’s opera, “The Legend of the Tepozteco” as the mother of the tepozteco. In film, she played the role of Sor Juana in the coproduction Mexico-Spain, directed by Tony Garcia, “The Passions of Sor Juana”. In the field of healing, she works with holistic medicine, reiki, massage, musictheraphy, kundalini yoga, tantra and meditation. Her workshop, “The Voice Within” has travelled around Mexico, Spain and Chile, opening many hearts.


Created by Marisa de Lille , a musical journey from our Mayan roots , leads to merge with other world cultures through sound . Cantos in Mayan , Nahuatl , Zapotec and 5 languages of the Western world , etnofusion music , dances of the world .


"X -Kan " means female serpent in Mayan , symbolizing that the possibility of infinite changes and transformations as when the snake sheds its skin many times during its existence. Also the snake symbolizes among other things , the Earth and healing. Being the symbol of medicine two snakes coiled up by a staff.



Her music makes one travel through time, taking you into either a medieval European peasant party, a trip to the cloud forest or a deep spiritual discovery of our inner light. She has taken her harp to ancestral ceremonial centers from the Celtic Culture and the Prehispanic Culture incorporates ancient knowledge in her way of making music. When not at some International Festival, giving a workshop Magic Songs or recording an album, you can find her playing the aquatic harp accompanied by some dolphins, giving crystal healing sessions or creating music in a sculptural harp with giant dimensions. Her music is being used in various parts of the world to heal people.


Singer and filmmaker, sui generis in both doings, extreme immigrant, sings and narrates from the boundary which defines her existentially. With Sephardic songs of love, death, war and migration, the integrant of the iconoclastic and eclectic vocal trio Muna Zul now plunges into her origins in a  casual, cool and deep spirit, resulting in an exquisite blend that intertwines the ancient and the contemporary.


This new and original look towards the Sephardic song, full of depth, sensitivity and a healthy irreverence makes this proposal as an endearing piece that will touch your heart.


Our music evokes atmospheres of life that our Mayan ancestors developed in ancient times; using their traditional instruments and songs in the native language. They merge with the sound of synthesizers and other instruments to create relaxing atmospheres, without thereby losing its indigenous nature.


This music is not only an aesthetic and artistic work, it is also used by shamans and alternative medical therapeutic and spiritual development purposes. We could classify our music as etnocontemporary and was created and inspired by Cheh Keh Heshik and Kelik ShLail.


Musician, composer, engineer, Sidatha studied Sitar in India during 4 years with the world reknown musician, Ravi Shankar. He went to Holand where he received a masters and a doctorate on music from India. His masters thesis was the effect of the Ragas on the psychology and the human body. His thesis for his doctorate was the concept of the seven scale notes, the seven chakras and their co-relation, as well as the origin of the Gregorian chants. During his masters he studied musicsophy, musicology, musictherapy and psychoacoustics. Over the four years he researched with over 100 subjects the musictherapeutic effect of the ragas and the harmonics. He also studied the occidental perspective based on Rudolph Steiner and Theo Gimbel, important  musicsophists and musictheraphist in Europe, and the relation with the Hindu theory.


In his personal, spiritual and sacred path learning from the ancestral tribal cultures and contemporary art, he has walked; from the psychedelic rock  Scene Tijuana in the late 60s, the festival Avándaro in the 70s; he has participated in the funk, jazz, and African pop scene in San Francisco Cal. at rainbow gatherings in North America, tipi ceremonies with indigenous Lakota families in South Dakota, he has researched and practiced  sacred indigenous songs, engaged in professional learning with traditional African rhythms, discovering one's roots; he has of facilitated drum circles in prisons and detention centers as well as offering rhythmic facilitation to executives in transnational corporations; he is a peace activist, antinuclear and environmentalist, has undergone the pilgrimages to Wirikuta with Wixaritari groups; participated in the movement of eco-villages, practices yoga; does research and construction of indigenous musical instruments of the world, and does the practice of the sweat lodge. From all these experiences has emerged Téhual-Ne, whom he is the creator and coordinator of the concept.


Healing through Sound, using various instruments originating from different cultures and ethnic groups in the world, lead Sergio to the creation of Drum Circles Healing Heart in the presence of the Sacred Fire. He performs various workshops Meditation with Mantras and Sounds; beautiful Baby Concerts. Vision Quester, Sweat Lodge guide, , Drum Circles & Ceremonies of the Sacred Heart Path.


"Twenty," considered that the most valuable of his music is the message that promotes a message of self-responsibility, unity and love.

"We live in a world that is upside down ... feel an urgent change before we end up destroying our humankind.


It is time for each of us to become responsible for our destiny and make changes in our personal lives so that things change globally. We feel that the "revolution" following is not one of violence but of Consciousness, and we need to raise the frequency in which we operate to one in Unity-Love ... "


Their music has been called "Music for the Soul" by the Columbian press where mantras are mixed with a native touch of Mexico that will take you on a wonderful place to connect with your soul journey.  Consisting of Jorge y María.

Quirio launched in 2009 their first album "Yolohtli" where the song "Spoon Revolution" became the official anthem of Animal Rights. By 2012 they released their album of mantras "Inbound Yoga Music" with Vrinda who won prizes in the category "Best Contemporary Music Artist". Join an unforgettable and transforming experience at every concert.


Consciousness Music Singer, Mantras, Composer and Producer. Creator of the band

 "Grace In Gravity" has recorded two albums, "Mystery" production Hector Ruiz and "Mantra Lounge" in collaboration with Juan Carlos Toribio, both were in the Top 10 nationally Mix Up. She has been in several TV shows. Producer and presenter of Radio 3 programs, she collaborated as a singer in the film by Gustavo Loza "the Other Side" and several Short films. Recently recorded two albums, one with Pablo Arellano

and another for  "Grace In Gravity" with Angel Sananda and Rayim Ferrera._She offers workshops and Reiki, Sound Healing and Awakening the Feminine Consciousness and Kirtans. Associate producer with Angel Sananda at Sounds SOGA Gaia.


Musician, sound healer performer and composer, Tito la Rosa is a native of Carhuaz, Ancash – Peru. Descendant of the native Quechua from the Andes, he has investigated and preserved the ancestral music of Peru. He has dedicated more than 20 years of studies in the music of ancient Peruvian instruments. Through the deep exploration of these ancient cultures, Tito has musically united the ancestral with the contemporary in a fusion of power and beauty that calls us to find balance and harmony both within us and with the world around us. Tito´s concerts around the world are a call for Peace throughout the Planet.



International Coach specializing techniques on emotional intelleigence, healer, thanatologist. Host and producer SembrArte TV at Planet in 2013. Healing bown therapist. Linker of worlds in service evolution and love the planet.




The sound and music are his passion. Angel has been actively involved in the music scene for over twenty years, playing, composing and producing music as an independent artist, producing other artists and collaborating with musicians from different parts of the world.


He studied composition at the CIEM (Centre for Research and Studies of Music) in Mexico DF. He sings and plays the guitar. He composes music for medicine circles. After contacting ceremonies with sacred plants, he started a music project together with  Alvaro Saldana. Currently, Daniel is still in charge of the whole project, which presents original compositions in a new version.




Musician dedicated to the dissemination and implementation of ancient instruments, for mental and spiritual restoration of women and men through ancient sounds of the earth.

Currently, he teaches workshops for children, youth and adults; meditations with live music, lectures, exhibitions and concerts. He has taken his work to different forums throughout Mexico and abroad; also participated with the Company "Humani Corp" aerial dance group. He participated in documentaries   " Los trece pueblos " and "Maguey" Francesco Taboada. He is the main character of the documentary film "MANOS GRANDES” de Roberto Olivares Ruiz.


Born in 1956 in Lima, family regions of South and Central Andes of Peru. Student of composition at the National Conservatory of Music. Music composer, songwriter, performer, musicologist, researcher and teacher since 1972. His musical work ranges from film, video, theater, children's songs in popular genres as well as spirituality and traditional medicine and others. Creator and Director of the TAKI Museum, Musical Instrument Museum Andean and Amazonian Peru. Founder of the Institute and Cultural Center Andean Amazonian TAKI Culture and Social Development, which includes the areas of Education, Cultural Promotion, Traditional Medicine, and Community Development. Author and producer of CDs and Haylli Wifala.


Mexican international, multimedia artist, vocalist, audio engineer and producer. Over 13 years as director of her solo project called "diDiok" is showcasing proactive content, taken from spiritual ancestral teachings and deep journey of the Being through the song of the heart, soundscapes and sound for solid, fresh and contemporary approach within genres Trip Hop, Pop and World Music.




Musicians multi-instrumentalists, composers, sound theraphists and meditation guides. Their unique style frees the inner harmonious universe. They went on a pilgrimage seven years through Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, China and Malaysia; deeply being influenced by Eastern culture and music. They create mystical and contemplative atmospheres of celestial sound, realizing that music gives Peace, Health and Spiritual Transcendence.


Venado Luz: lead guitar, flutes, percussion, voice, overtone singing, composing and arranging.

Shanti Mar: voice tritar, guitar, harmonic singing, didgeridoo, dance composition.


Fundadora y co-creadora de Xicome, Festival de Música y Artes Sanadoras, como un rezo Universal por una cultura de Paz, creando puentes entre las culturas a través de la Música promoviendo la transformacion colectiva por una humanidad en unidad.


Se dedica con pasión al estudio de la música, el sonido, la energía, la sanación, las culturas y las tecnologias ancestrales. Su trabajo se centra en la expansión de la conciencia y el desarrollo del potencial humano  para elevar la vibración basada en el amor universal. Esta especializada en los cuencos de cuarzo y tibetanos, llevándola a un conocimiento profundo del poder sanador del sonido.


Ella comparte que, “El Amor es el Camino a la Paz, donde la Música es Alimento para el Alma, el lenguaje es el Sonido, el Guía es tu Corazón, , la Intención es la Unión, el Regalo es la Luz, para Abrirte a la Armonía de la Vida, en un Canto al Amor, Por la Vida y Por Todas Nuestras Relaciones."


Founded by Marina Barberena to musically explore new ways of playing traditional Kirtan and extend it to more people without being yogis looking for a way to open your heart through the benefits of music, for which invites musicians familiar with both the musical field of yoga, as in the field of contemporary and popular music, in order to blend harmoniously both musical spheres in the interpretation of Kirtan, is so integrated: Mike Sierra, Javier Eduardo Garavito and Hernández._Ananda Ensemble seeks to raise the public's heart, to feel various positive experiences through music and song, in an experience that combines active listening and participation and interaction with the public.


He learned the art of instrument Sarod Indu her teacher, Sarah Rani, whom he expresses with great honor. My first CD was recorded under the title: "Sound of the Worlds", the second entitled "Sounds magical healing" and the third was entitled: "The one who brings light." The healing sounds born in the infinite cosmic silence, fill every part of the world with splendid light. Make yourself humble to let the harmony of God's love touch you. Be yourself the creative silence that brings peace and joy to the thirsty. Let the desire to awaken be born in you ... for the eyes that see clearly, for the ears to listen without fail, for the words are true and the flower of your heart, discover love.



He is one of the few singers in the world with the unusual situation of having countertenor and certainly one of the most important Mexican artists of that voice . Instructed in music since childhood has continued his professional studies in 4 countries with internationally prestigious professors . As a composer   has won the award for best theatrical musicalization  for which the prize was founded in 1997. He recently founded the fuser assembly Kontramariachi , with which already has toured USA and EU for 2013 and 2014. One of his last recordings in this line was the Mariachi Vargas de tecattlan .  In November 2012 he took over as director of the Choir of the Municipality of Zapopan, which aims to make various projects nationally and internationally.


Cuencos de cuarzo, flauta, guitarra, arreglista


En el mes de abril de 2004 el maestro Erick Yoltisi Rivas Maya egresado de la Escuela Nacional de Música (UNAM) y con estudios en Ingeniería de Sistemas con certificaciones en IBM, fundó: El TE2A "TALLER DE EXPRESIÓN Y EXPERIMENTACIÓN ACÚSTICA, mejor conocido después como: "GRUPO MUSICOTERAPIAS". En el mes de enero de 2011 se conforma como Asociación Civil y se crea: "LA FUNDACIÓN MUSICOTERAPIAS A.C." Hoy día se conoce como: E2S "ESPACIO DE EXPRESIÓN SONORA" (CONSULTORIA MUSICAL).


Erick Yoltisi Rivas Maya es músico y terapeuta mexicano fundador de Crystal Bowls México y del movimiento Unidad y Oración Universal, investigador sonoro (Behaviour Sciences) en la terapia “Sonidos con Cristal de Cuarzo”, desarrollador de la técnica de ejecución por frotamiento en los cristales de cuarzo y documentador pilar de la metodología empelada para esta terapia. Creador de la terapia transformacional (terapia con sonidos en batimento, armónicos, temperación micro-tonal y afinaciones abiertas).


Joa has the gift of clairvoyance, born and raised in sunny South Africa. Today brings more than 11 years learning and practicing continuously at various levels and healing over 7 years facilitating groups of spiritual development, teaching the art of healing through energy.


Joa was initiated into shamanism eagle through the Spirit of South Africa. It has a primary interest in the practices of shamanism among different cultures and finding the universal truth among the various spiritual traditions, same as Earth can help you achieve a higher level of consciousness and all. For several years Joa has received various initiations universal shamanism through numerous teachers in the physical and spiritual levels.


Alejandro Julien graduated with advanced studies at Diamond Mountain University. Recently completed the Spanish translation of the new edition of the Diamond Cutter and published his first bilingual version. Coordinator and producer for Diamond Cutter Institute in Mexico. He has worked as a producer of events for 3HO and FIFA. He studied Business Administration at ITESO, Audiovisual Production, Acting and Theatre in Barcelona. He has worked as a consultant for private banking in Spain and Mexico Real Estate. He is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and has also completed studies Tibetan Heart Yoga Yoga Studies Institute. He has given lectures and workshops in Mexico, USA and Spain. He has produced several albums with his musical instrument "Hang" including the acclaimed "Allaya Organic Dreams". He loves surfing, traveling and keeps learning.


Tabla of northern India, percussion harmonic singing and composition.

In 2005 Gabriel Morfin began his study table (North Indian percussion). He has had the opportunity to take classes with excellent teachers like Pandit Abhijit Banerjee, Pandit Shashanka Bakshi and Ustad Akram Khan of India and Heiko Dijker the Rotterdam Conservatory. He has participated in international events such as Festival Ollin Kan, Rara Avis Festival ANC, "Perceptions" Alex and Allison Grey, Ora World Mandala, Festival of China Ship and festivals and events of the Embassy of India. In addition to live music for yoga classes at various centers in the city such as Mark Hassan Om Yoga, Jnana Dakini Yoga Space, Gabriela Tavera Inspire Yoga, Yoga Ambienta Enrique Cervantes, among others.


Singer songwriter and guitarist, born in Mexico DF He launched under the Universal label, an album called Good Morning. This the song "Good Morning" to two weeks remained in the top 20 nationally. He created a concept called "Collection of Laughter," a youtube video of their song "Ries" that caused a stir, and a butterfly effect that many have followed the example to affect positive way to their communities. He opened concerts for the English band Keane on tour in Mexico.

He studied at the National Conservatory of Music in the career of Opera singer and Concert. He participated in the play Les Miserables in the role of Marius, reaching 400 presentations. He has participated in a number of bands and musical projects of various genres, Opera, Jazz-Fusion, Rock, Pop, Blues, Electronic ...

His music invites a journey into the inner world and reconciliation with life.




Mexican from Japanese parents. In 2000 she traveled to Japan, Ishikawa City to find who taught her to play the Taiko . To her fortune , the owner of a factory " Asano Taiko " which has 400 years producing drums welcomed her as a daughter of the family incorporating her to a select group of artisans and players of Taiko .

After three years of intense preparation in Ishikawa ken, she moved to Tokyo as an interpreter of joining the group Taiko Taiko Uruki in Tokyo while solo .

In 2009 she returns to Mexico DF her hometown to spread the Japanese drum .

Nahoko starts as a soloist and in late 2009 forms a duet, Taiko OME , name in Nahuatl means duality ; thanking the Mexican land for allowing to play the Taiko . Returning to his solo career in mid-2011 , has managed to participate in several major events since his return to Mexico .




With music and prehispanic instruments, The TRIBU group presents a unique style in the world. Members of this group have been devoted to rescuing the pre-Hispanic music in the purest possible level through exact replicas of musical instruments and relics WHICH are exhibited at several museums in Mexico .

The group's goal " TRIBU " is to keep alive the pre-Hispanic music in our time and have succeeded through its 30 year history .

The " TRIBU " group has about fifteen musical productions and have traveled the world with his music being greatly recognized in several countries in Europe and Asia where it has been classified their music as a jewel of humanity.







Kailash Kokopelliis a sound therapist, artist and inner world musician. As a multiinstrumentalist, composer, songwriter and producer he is an internationally requested studio- and guest musician playing a great variety of (wind) instruments ranging from Didgeridoo to (Native American) Flutes, as well as reed instruments, percussive soundscapes, drums, crystal singing bowls, string instruments and vocals.


Inspired by his time with Native American medicine people and his participation in ceremonies & dances, Kailash weaves shamanic elements into his meditative & dynamic INNER WORLD MUSIC

Kailash Kokopelli carries sacred sound, song & dance as a medicine for the people.

As a planetary citizen he is a wanderer between the worlds, a peace and earth dancer

promoting world peace through sharing keys to inner peace and healing.


Within the last 20 years Kailash Kokopelli has shared his INNER WORLD MUSIC

on every continent touching many thousand people all over the globe.


He is also a photographer and teacher of Kailash Chi Movements and Songdances.


Alma Tierra is a musical project started by Deva Baumbach that seeks to create bridges between different cultures we have in Mexico , fusing musical and lyrical aspects of traditional and new creations , inspired by the languages that come from the heart and cultivating new musical currents work from a place of authenticity , harmony and inner peace.

The first musical that gave rise to the concept of Alma Tierra was open pit , which was presented and sponsored by Cumbre Tajin and the Centre for Indigenous Arts and has performed in various cities of the Mexican Republic . The ongoing project of Alma Tierra is a musical work is based on poetry, traditional melodies and prayers of Tzotsil , Tzeltal , Chiapas Lacandon and cultures




Ritual performance made up of contemporaneous and ancestral dances, roots music and chants in Nahuatl, Maya, Wixarika and other indigenous languages. ANd so the arrow Te-Hual-Ne it’s released to feed the mind, to move the soul and to entice ceremonial dancing and chanting. The ingredients of the whole laydown a bridge with the cosmic and multi-dimensional world of our ancestors, penetrate the metaphysic realm of the mysteries and magic of indigenous and contemporary psychedelia and ultimately and primary they seek to become agents of energy of light, love, joy and they are an offering to life, to the spirit of all ancestral cultures and to the visions of the future… from our roots to the infinite...


Lluvia de Palos (Rain sticks), known in Nahuatl as Kuauhkiauhtzintli , is a percussion quartet based in Mexico City , who specializes in traditional instruments of Mexico , particularly those of Nahuatl origin. The group is composed by musicians José Navarro Noriega, Luis Miguel Coastal , Manuel Andrade and Samir Pascual, who eventually incorporate other instrumentalists and singers and actors - dancers. Lluvia de Palos is a group of music and contemporary dance whose conceptual axis moves around the sound of pre-Hispanic percussion instruments , seeking to combine music of this time with ancestral sounds and contemporary dance.


The orchestra Indonesian Indra Swara -Art has its origin in December 2002. Indra Swara is the only orchestra in Mexico with their own full implementation of a Gamelan ,  a metal percussion orchestra original of the musical tradition of Indonesia , whose delight also lies in the aesthetic presence of its members instruments. And The Group also uses another Gamelan owned by the Indonesian Embassy in Mexico , both for performances.




COLLECTIVO YATRA was born with the firm intention of being the voice of Mother Earth , as a flag for the UNION of CONSCIUOS ARTISTS. Through which they share the message of unity of the arts of different ancestral traditions who sing , honoring the elements of nature and energy   of our being, our earth and humanity .


Collective Professional artists who devote their talent to the art of devotional music through mantras , and unreleased tracks which are of original compositions and have come to us through ceremonies and our spiritual path. We also perform the interpretation of ancient chants practiced in ceremonies of different traditions.






Patricia E. Puente.  Sonoterapeuta, Imparte conciertos terapéuticos y terapias con cuencos Tibetanos y de Cuarzo. Imparte cursos Los Sonidos Curativos del Tao, Sonidos de los Chakras, Introducción a la Meditación.

Practicante Budista, Tanatóloga, Instructora de Kundalini Yoga, buscando siempre compartir las enseñanzas que ha recibido de muchos maestros en Asia, Europa, E.U. y México.

La mente natural, a través de la enseñanza Dzogchen, la energía,  la expansión de la conciencia y la vibración del sonido externo e interno, han sido su prioridad en los últimos 14 años.




Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song is an International Mayan Peace Shaman, spiritual teacher and energy healer. She is a holy Medicine Woman donated by Spirit to heal humanity and Mother Earth. She is the embodiment of the Divine Mother of the Universe and showers us with Love through Prayer Songs, Sacred Ceremonies and Teachings.


A descendant of the Maya and Huichol Native Traditions, Peace Mother was trained in Mayan Soul Retrieval Limpias and Sacred Ceremony by Don Jacinto Tzab, one of Mexico's greatest Mayan Shamans. She travels the world, carrying on the Peace Shaman Work of Her Mayan Lineage.

She is a devotee of Gurumayi Chidvilasananda and credits Guru's Grace for establishing within Her the Sacred Mantras of India. Peace Mother is gifted with the highest degree of healing sound and Her thunderous Prayer Songs and Light-charged sacred Ceremony bring healing balance to all beings, the land, waters and sky.


Mash Ka Wisen

Group of men and women  whom through the drumbeat are creating paths of joy, peace , harmony and love to all those who listen with their hearts.


Yum Kax

Bolon Ben (Darío Lopes)

On the path of service in love I've met teachers and healers of different traditions. Women and Men of ancestral knowledge that I have shared their teachings so in this way providing light to those who seek to find their way and and meet with mine. At the same time I began to study classical guitar in 1993  and in 94 I started with ethno - musicology, African percussion, sacred voices , prehispanic instruments having the opportunity to study with Master Jorge Reyes, Sacred Healing music.  In 2000, I started as a DJ in Mexico with deep minimal Trance sets with prehispanic live instruments . Now I share both integrated lessons in brotherly love With the intention of healing and ceremony.

Ichiro Takahashi

Instructor, curandero, maestro de QiGong, consultor, músico.


Ana Gabriela Peralta


Cuencos de Cuarzo

Vibraciones para elevar la frecuencia Planetaria generando espacios de Paz interior.

Xicome Mandala – Círculo de Mujeres

Músicas interpretando cantos Sagrados de tradiciones de distintos culturas.