PachaMama  (ah kimpech)

Guardians of the Earth, co-creators of the Pachamama house where we share with consciousness the word of our Elders on the path, the traditional herbal medicine , workshops , ceremonies and sounds sacred instruments such as crystal bowls , clay flutes and flutes from the world, incus utop chek , amongst others. The intention of our service is to manifest peace , harmony and health to our Sister humanity. For all our relations. Inlaakech .

Ayni Inti

Convinced that the Eagle and the Condor will fly together again in the same sky , healing wounds and fortifying spirits , bodies and minds of all peoples; Mexican by birth, she is the first word of Calpulli Yolloikniukayotl Cuauhtli Cozcacuahtli , moon Dance, medicine woman , in a fusión of the old knowledge of the Inca ancestral wisdom (she's Pampa Mesayoc Alto Mesayoc in the Andean tradition) , Mexihca , reiki and coaching, in the forefront of applying energy healing techniques , awareness and empowerment that brighten the lives of those with whom she shares . her motto is , "do everything with Love and Will " ”, Inik Otcelloyohl tlazohtla iwan tlenekillitz.

Ollinketzalxoxitl Flor Columba Murcia Ballesteros

* Kuauhzihuatzin ( Eagle Warrior Woman ) Tlatelolko Mexiko .

* Huey Mexihka Teomana Teohuatzin Teohuatzin Teopixke . ( Big Chief Mexhika of Ritual Tradition) Tlaltelolko Mexiko .

* Guardian of the Sacred Fire , backed by: * Cali Meshiko , Meshiko - Tlaltelolko and tradition Tetzakatlipoka * Yaomitiotianikeh ( depository ) Warrior Dancer Mexihka * Sun Dancer Lakota tradition

* Philanthropic

* Activist

* Host and producer of the Holistiko World Program



Fidelia García

Mayan Worldview Tools for Personal Healing  Ancestral Wisdom ,the Mayan system helps us achieve wellness,  health and prosperity through self-knowledge tools that are encrypted in the calendrical cycles and the 13 Zodiac signs.  Astroligist , architect , designer , apprentice of the Sacred, Mayan Cosmos, Founder and publisher of the virtual community Olmec Ritual .




Kike Pinto

Born in 1965 in Lima, Peru. Student of composition at the Conservatory of Music. Musician, composer, songwriter, performer, musicologist, researcher and teacher, since 1972. Creator and director of Taki Museum, Museum of Andean and Amazonian musical instruments in Peru. Founder of the Institute and Cultural Center Andean Amazonian Culture and Social Development TAKI including the areas of Education, Cultural Promotion, Traditional Medicine and Community Development. Member of the ritual and ceremonial life of indigenous communities. Honorary commoner of the Community of San Pedro de Casta, Huarochiri, Lima, at the foot of the Plateau Markawasi, known for its traditional worship of the Water Festival. Annex Yanaruma cultural advisor of the Japu Community Quero Nation, Cusco, is recognized by spirituality and ancestral customs. As a teacher he co-founded the Qantu Cultural Association and author of music and arrangements for the Suzuki Association of Peru and American Suzuki Asscoiation. Consultant and advisor to the National School of Folklore José María Arguedas.

Ramón Thomassiny

Transpersonal psychologist and teacher in Human Development , has been a collaborator and Master Holistic Iswara center since its founding in 1985 by providing various courses among them . " Waking Life ," " Introduction to Great Secret ", " Orgasm Heart ," " The Amazing Health," " Total Tantra Woman " and others. He has been a speaker and panelist at conferences and television programs and has conducted research of the UFO phenomenon . He was honored by the celebrated Maestro Domingo Martinez Paredes of teachings on Mayan language. He is author of the book " Revelations of the Sixth Sun " and other publishings online .


Miguel Flores Ehekamitl

Founder of the Sun Dance in Mexico for 35 years . Leader and spiritual guide Inkaltonal , Nuestra Casa (Our Home) Cosmika . Workshop leader and teacher of Mexika Chichimeketl dance. Therapist and traditional Mexican herbal doctor . Speaker and Sweat lodge therapist for30 years . Organizer and participant of the Moondance and mass cultural events of the Mexican culture as the New Fire , Peace and Dignity Journeys , Bicentennial of Independence and the Mexican Revolution . Participating wholeheartedly in all Xicome events as the Fire Keeper.

Verónica Sacta Campos

Cañari- Inca descendant , born in Ecuador , is the guardian of the Andean tradition and Priestess of the Sacred Feminine. She is an art educator and holistic therapist. Started Very young in the activist movements in socio- cultural change. IN South America she toured with the Rainbow Caravan for Peace , working through social projects in promoting environmental awareness and a culture of Planetary  peace . Also during her travels she has been promoting the "Tent of the Great Mother - Tipi Moon " and focusing on Women Circles in South America and Europe. She is the promoter of Vision Council Guardians of the Earth, Peace Villages and carries the message of the of the rainbow people.

Gerardo Said

Founder of Cali Mexhiko Cultural Group , Co Founder of Network Consciousness , Co Founder of Soc . Mexicana SOMEFHER Hermetic Philosophy . 2013 Founding Director of Planet Radio and TV Web , Founder Director of Mexico Holistika Holistiko Center , Member of the Vision Council , a member of Self-sustaining HOUSE Aentamiento Council of the Americas , a member of the Ancient Wisdom Council , Board Member of the Mexican Network of Consciousness Founder of Jacobo Grinberg Award sciences Frontera , coordinates the Diploma in Transpersonal Psychology , Diploma Coordinate Traditional Medicine , Coordinator of the Forum of Consciousness and Spirituality , Coordinator of the 1400 Minutes of Peace. Communicator, Transpersonal Psychologist and Researcher Sacred Traditions.

Ximena Vera

Grandmother of the Aymara tradition. Degree  in literature and pedagogy , teacher of yoga. Art educator , facilitator of healing and creativity workshops for children and adults . Guardian of the sisterhood "Daughters of Gaia " guide of native ceremonies. Singer , poet and dancer. In her search Ximena has traveled the world with guardians receiving instruction from TEACHERS s from different cultures and traditions to develop her work as a service to her own awakening and all her relations.

Coyote Alberto Ruz

Promoter of a Culture of Planetary Peace. Pioneer, founder of ecovillages , Caravans, peace circles and villages . Coordinator of Vision Council . Guardian of Mother Earth and spokesman for the Rainbow Nation . Social, Activist environmental and defensor of indigenous peoples movements.

Marisela Ugalde Velázquez de León

Martial artist and creator of the first Mexican martial art and founder in 1992 of the Mexican Association of Martial Arts Prehispánico Xilam , AC Grandmother of tradition and the technique Therapist Custla Canik , organizer of the Eagles and Jaguars Festivals .


Imix Kuj – Julio

Traditional medical , Keeper of Indian Thought, Transpersonal Psychologist.


Miktlan Ehekateotl Kuauhtlinxan

Bearer of the continued tradition word Tetzakatlipoka, instructor of sciences, arts , customs and Tetzkatlipoka disciplines. Instructor of the traditional medicine system of Wewepahtli . He received the International Prize " Martin de la Cruz " , 92, in traditional medicine , awarded by the Mexican Academy of Traditional Medicine , AC. He was the first elected Tlahtoani of Mexico Anahuac Unit ( 1991/2001 ) He is on the board of directors of Cali Mexhiko Cultural Group since 1991. "011 involved in the fight against acute malnutrition as official partner of IIMSAM . He has inspired the production of two documentaries based on ancient methods of teaching that preserves : " Serpent and the Sun " and " Change , Apocalypse , and the End of the World?" , both filmed by Shaahin Human and Cultural, and also wrote a book about Mexican Traditional Medicine Wewepahtli . Leads " Obsidian Mirror " editorial and opinion of the Continuous tradition Tetzkatlipoka program.



Virginia Sánchez Navarro

I travel the Road with one foot in the personal growth and the other in social transformation . She is a pioneer of the Sacred Feminine in Mexico . Founded Fourth Cresent " " in 1984 , from which trained more than 2,000 women. Writes and edits the " Lunar Calendar " to harmonize our decisions with the cycles that govern us . She uses astrology to help you discover the purpose of your soul. Founded" SintoniaDiosa " to continue training women as mothers and midwives in a society based on cooperation. Lives in " TierraPaz " where she shares echo techniques for self sufficiency in the pleasure of  honoring Nature.



Erick Antonio Belmar Pesch Heshik

Member of Yaash-Tun (Green Stone). He has worked within the Maya worldview, with harmonization through music, chants and meditation transpersonal reverie. More than 15 years of experience, worked with groups and organizations such as International Network of Consciousness, Kalli Mexhiko, Vision Council, Peace and Dignity Journeys, World Earth Day, Tajin Summit Congress of Traditional Medicine Festival of Arts and Culture in various states of. Of the Republic, Natura Universe Summit in Valle de Bravo, Expo Being Holistic Expo. He has developed the essence of ancient purification bath (sweat lodge) under the Mayan Tolteka Mesika vision. He has worked with various techniques of harmonization, psycho bio energy from one of the most popular, the Alzmher technique of Prof. Heliodoro Benavidez. He has a CD of music therapy "Healing Magic Symphony". Collaborates with various organizations such as: Ancient Wisdom Council (art and culture), Project wake of the Feathered Serpent and Real Human Being Foundation, AC



Abuela Alas de Águila




Tata Kuiz




Abuela Tonalmitl




Abuelo Gabriel Lemus




Tata Aurelio




Antonio Velasco Piña




Arturo Alanis

Guardián del Fuego Sagrado